Mothers And Offspring

Larry Hausman's gold medal awarded exhibit




Mothers And Offspring

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Mothers And Offspring - Part 1 (HTML)

Mothers And Offspring - Part 2 (HTML)

Mothers And Offspring - Part 3 (HTML)

Mothers And Offspring - Full version (PDF) - allows magnification

Mothers And Offspring - PDF page by page - allows magnification

1.    Stamps And The Stamps That Depict Them

2.    How Mothers Are Depicted: Partial

3.    How Mothers Are Depicted: One Mother On One Offspring

4.    How Mothers Are Depicted: Multiple Mothers On One Offspring

5.    How Mothers Are Depicted: Three And Seven Mothers On One Offspring

6.    How Mothers Are Depicted: More Multiples, Unclear Theme

7.    How Mothers Are Depicted: More Multiples, Zeppelin Theme

8.    How Mothers Are Depicted: More Multiples, All Hail The Zeppelin

9.    Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Essays And Private Issues

10.                        Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Regular Postage

11.                        Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Airmail Issues 1

12.                        Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Airmail Issues 2

13.                        Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Provisionals And Bisects

14.                        Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Whole Letters

15.                        Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Mail Delivery And Cancels

16.                        Postal Functions Categories And Roles: Other

17.                        First Issue Mothers: Great Britain And Zurich

18.                        First Issue Mothers: Geneva And Basel

19.                        First Issue Mothers: Belgium, Bavaria, Austria And Hanover

20.                        First Issue Mothers: France And Spain

21.                        First Issue Mothers: Prussia, Schleswig-Holstein And Switzerland

22.                        First Issue Mothers: Saxony And Sardinia

23.                        First Issue Mothers: Denmark, Wurttemberg, Tuscany And Parma

24.                        First Issue Mothers: Baden, Modena, And Netherlands

25.                        First Issue Mothers: Luxembourg And Papal States

26.                        First Issue Mothers: Oldenburg, Brunswick, Thurn And Taxis, Portugal, Sweden And Norway

27.                        First Issue Mothers: Finland, Meckenburg-Schwerin And Russia

28.                        First Issue Mothers: Romania, Naples, Romagna And Sicily

29.                        First Issue Mothers: Hamburg, Lubeck, Ionian Islands, Poland And Malta

30.                        First Issue Mothers: Greece, Meckenburg-Strelitz And Serbia

31.                        First Issue Mothers: Hungary, Germany, Iceland, Bulgaria, Cyprus And Monaco

32.                        First Issue Mothers: Crete, Liechtenstein, Czechoslovakia And Faroe Islands

33.                        First Issue Mothers: Brazil And Trinidad

34.                        First Issue Mothers: United States

35.                        First Issue Mothers: British Guiana, Canada And Barbados

36.                        First Issue Mothers: Chile, Cuba And Corrientes

37.                        First Issue Mothers: Peru, Cordoba And Argentina

38.                        First Issue Mothers: St. Helena, Uruguay And Mexico

39.                        First Issue Mothers: Buenos Aires, Colombia, Venezuala, British Columbia, Jamaica And St. Lucia

40.                        First Issue Mothers: Bahamas, Grenada, St. Vincent, Antigua, Nicaragua, Bermuda And Costa Rica

41.                        First Issue Mothers: Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Honduras And Virgin Islands

42.                        First Issue Mothers: British Honduras, Bolivia, El Salvador And Antioquia

43.                        First Issue Mothers: Paraguay, Guatemala And Dominica

44.                        First Issue Mothers: Montserrat, Falkland Islands, Panama, Tobago, Haiti And Cayman Islands

45.                        Mother Errors: United States, Hungary And Switzerland

46.                        Mother Errors: Canada, Gibralter, Lubeck, Jamaica, Sweden And Gibralter

47.                        Relatives Of Mothers And Other Mother Themes

48.                        Other Mother Themes And A Look Forward




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