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Flag of Panama

Panama is a small country in Central America that has worldwide importance as a transportation center. It covers the Isthmus of Panama, a narrow strip of land that separates the Atlantic and Pacific oceans near the middle of the Western Hemisphere. The Panama Canal cuts through the isthmus, connecting the two oceans. Panama lies at the southern end of North America. It and the land north of it to Mexico’s southern border make up the part of the North America continent called Central America. Panama is a narrow country that curves from west to east. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the south, Colombia to the east, and Costa Rica to the west. Indians were the first inhabitants of what is now Panama. Spaniards conquered the Indians during the 1500’s and rules Panama for about 300 years. In 1821, Panama broke away from Spain and became a province of the nation of Colombia. In 1903, it rebelled against Colombia and became an independent nation. The United States played a major role in Panama’s history. It built the Panama Canal, which completed in 1914.

About 85 percent of Panama's people are Roman Catholics. Most of the rest of the people are Protestants. The Catholic Church plays an important role in Panama. Church services and celebrations are both religious and social events for many of the people.



Scott: #C386O

Issued: 21.12.1971

2nd National Philatelic and Numismatic Exposition

#4 Inside #C386: Panama #4O

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)

1991 SS


Scott: #786BO

Issued: 29.11.1991

St. Ignatius of Loyla 500th Birth Anniversary

#C119 Inside #786B: Panama #C119O

PANAMA in 1991 marked the 5th centenary of Ignatius' birth with single stamp showing his image, and with a souvenir sheet of two stamps one showing his seal as general shining above Panama, which commemorate in a general way the work of the Society of Jesus in that country, the other a stamp on stamp recalling the University of St. Xavier.

The Royal Pontifical University of St. Xavier has one of its old buildings pictured on this 1949 PANAMA airmail stamp (Scott C119) which marks the 200th anniversary of the university. While the Jesuits had run primary and second schools in old Panama City for almost 180 years (until it was burned to the ground with the rest of the city by the pirate Henry Morgan in 1671), the founding of a university in 1749 was made possible through the generosity of Canon Francisco Javier Luna de Victoria y Castro, later Bishop of Panama and Archbishop of Trujillo, Peru (pictures above on a regular stamp of the same issue and an imperforate pair. The university ceased operations in 1767 when the Jesuits were expelled, but can be said to live on in the present day University of Panama. The airmail stamp reappears on another stamp of PANAMA issued in 1991 to mark the 5th centenary of Ignatius' birth.



Scott: #840-3O

Issued: 9.9.1997

20th Anniversary, Torrijos-Carter Panama Canal Treaties

#588a b c Inside #843: Panama #588 a-cO

Modified:  imperforate and no separating perfs


Scott: #844O

Thanks to Gaston Barrette and Lou Guadagno


Scott: #883O

Issued: 4.12.2001

18th UPAEP Congress 2000

In 2001 Panama issued a stamp featuring two earlier stamps showing the isthmus of Panama. On the left is the 50¢ map stamp issued by the United States of Colombia for the Department of Panama in 1878. On the right is the 1¢ stamp first issued in 1892. The stamp show is overprinted vertically on the left in black with the words "Republica de Panama."

The stamp is dated 2000, and was issued to mark the 18th Congress of the Union Postal de las Américas. España y Portugal.

#4 Inside #883: Panama #4O (or #7O)

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)

 sos panama 51--vertical ovpt Inside #883: Panama #51O variety (vertical overprint)

(Thanks to Lou Guadagno for the scan)

Risultati immagini per panama stamp Scan of Horizontal overprint

(Thanks to Attilio Papio for the scan)

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Panama #4

sos panama 51--vertical ovpt

Panama #51


Panama #257 for Grenada Grenadines


Panama #C119

Panama #C160 for Brazil

PAN M1124

Panama #C363 for Ras al Khaima


Panama #C386

ss 1 v margin detail 2-- sos panama 478C  1867

Panama #478C for Sierra Leone

#588a b c

Panama #588 a-c

Panama #611 for Central African

1991 SS


Panama #786B



Panama #840-3


Panama #844

Panama #846a for Sierra Leone

chad ss 4v-1-- sos -panama 846b  1997

Panama #846b for Chad

Panama #846c for Sierra Leone


Panama #883