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Flag of Iran

Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in Central Eurasia and Western Asia. The name Iran has been in use natively since the Sassanian era and came into use internationally in 1935, before which the country was also known to the western world as Persia. Both Persia and Iran are used interchangeably in cultural contexts; however, Iran is the name used officially in political contexts.

The 18th largest country in the world in terms of area at 1,648,195 km2, Iran has a population of over 74 million. It is a country of particular geostrategic significance owing to its location in the Middle East and central Eurasia. Iran is bordered on the north by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. As Iran is a littoral state of the Caspian Sea, which is an inland sea and condominium, Kazakhstan and Russia are also Iran's direct neighbors to the north. Iran is bordered on the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the south by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, on the west by Iraq and on the northwest by Turkey. Tehran is the capital, the country's largest city and the political, cultural, commercial and industrial center of the nation. Iran is a regional power, and holds an important position in international energy security and world economy as a result of its large reserves of petroleum and natural gas.


Scott: #1445-6P

Issued: 23.7.1967

Centenary, Persian Postage Stamps

%231 Inside #1445-6: Iran #1O

[UPU Congress - Tokyo, Japan, type BOK][UPU Congress - Tokyo, Japan, type BOK1]

Scott: #1522-3P

Issued: 28.9.1969

UPU, 16th Congress

Inside #1522-3: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #1670P

Issued: 9.10.1972

International Stamp Day

#450 Inside #1670: Iran #450P

#1670 block of 4


Scott: #1915P

Issued: 9.10.1976

World stamp Day

%231907 Inside #1915: Iran #1907O


Scott: #2114P

Issued: 9.10.1982

13th UPU Day

%232110 Inside #2114: Iran #2110O

%232112 Inside #2114: Iran #2112O

%232109 Inside #2114: Iran #2109O


Scott: #2138P

Issued: 9.10.1983

14th UPU Day

%232088 Inside #2138: Iran #2088O

%232068 Inside #2138: Iran #2068O

%232102 Inside #2138: Iran #2102O

%232112 Inside #2138: Iran #2112O

%232079 Inside #2138: Iran #2079O

Scott: #2472O

Issued: 9.9.1991

Lary, Revolutionary Ayatollah

1909%20local Inside #2472: 1909 Islamic Revolutionary LocalO

In 1909, while Iran was struggling in the hands of a revolution and chaos, warlords were in charge in many parts of the country rather than the central government. 

One of these self-appointed leaders, was a mullah by the name of Seyyed Abdul Hossein (سيد عبدالحسين لاري) in Lar.

Lar is located 180 miles south east of Shiraz and 127 miles north west of Bandar Abbas was an important trade center and caravans stopping place.

In early 1909 (more precisely, between March and May) Abdul Hossein issued his own stamps.

The Lar stamps may be classified into two groups and each group may further divided into several types.

Group 1: The first group of stamps is the ones with the central inscription reading پست ملت لار (Post-eh Mellat-eh Lar) meaning the Post of the Nation of Lar.

Group 2: The second group of stamps has the inscription reading پست ملت اسلام (Post-eh Mellat-eh Islam) meaning the Post of the Nation of Islam.

type1 - 6ch 2.jpg (159868 bytes)

Gr. 1 Post-eh Mellat-eh Lar

type5 - 6ch 3.jpg (554834 bytes)

Gr. 2 Post-eh Mellat-eh Islam


Scott: #2476P

Issued: 9.10.1991

World Post Day

%232041 Inside #2476: Iran #2041O


Scott: #2708P

(Thanks to Lou Guadagno)

Issued: 22.5.1997


Inside #2708: Symbolic ?? – to check


Scott: #2728P

Issued: 15.10.1997

World Post Day

Inside #2728: Stamps on Envelopes

Scott: #2823-4P

Issued: 9.10.2001

Dialogue among Civilizations

Inside #2823: Pseudo Stamp on Envelope

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert

#2817%232816[International Stamp Exhibition BELGICA 2001 - Brussels, Belgium, type DOV]

Scott: #2816-2818P

Issued: 9.6.2001

Belgica 2001

Inside #2816-2818: Pseudo Stamps

Scott: #2819O

Issued: 1.8.2001

PHILA NIPPON (Japan 2001)

Inside #2819: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #2880O

Issued: 15.2.2004

The World Strongest Man (Hossein Reza Zadeh)

Inside #2880: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #2941P

Issued: 10.09.2007

World Post Day

2005 Inside #2941 (Stamp on envelope): Iran #2864O

Scott: #3008O

Issued: 09.10.2009

World Post Day / World Child Day

Inside #3008: Pseudo Stamp on envelopes

[World Child Day, סוג EIP]

Scott: #3094P

Issued: 08.11.2013

World Child Day

Inside #3094: Pseudo Stamp

[World Post Day, type EKB]

Scott: #3130P

Issued: 16.11.2014

World Post Day

Inside #3130: TBI - Pseudo Stamp?

[The 12th APPU Congress - Tehran, Iran, type ENB]

Scott: #????O

Issued: ??.??.2017

The 12th APPU Congress - Tehran, Iran

Inside #????: Stamp on envelopes

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[WWF - Cheetah, type DRV]

Iran 2003 for Sierra Leone

[WWF - Cheetah, Scrivi DRW]

Iran 2003 for Sierra Leone


Iran #2864


Iran #2880

Scott: #3008

[The 12th APPU Congress - Tehran, Iran, type ENB]

Scott: #????



1909 Islamic Revolutionary Local