Afghanistan stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of Afghanistan


Scott: #394-7P

Issued: 23.12.1951

75th Anniversary, UPU

#2 a Inside #394-7: Afghanistan Type A2 Tiger's HeadO!

The Kingdom of Kabul (Aghanistan) first issued stamps in 1871. Early designs featured a tiger's head, symbolizing the name of Amir Sher (tiger) Ali. From 1871 to 1892 the date of the Muslim year also appears. Afghan stamps of the period were issued without gum and imperforate. When used, they were cancelled by cutting or tearing a piece from the stamp. Before 1928, when Afghanistan joined the Universal Postal Union, Afghan stamps were valid only for use within the country itself. Mail traveling to other countries needed the addition of Indian stamps.

#2 a A2 Type


Scott: #B5-6P

Issued: 2.7.1955

85th Anniversary of the Afghan Post

#2 a Inside #B5-6: Afghanistan Type A2 Tiger's HeadO!



Scott: #675-6P


Issued to Honor Philately

#2 Inside #675-6: Afghanistan Type A2 Tiger's HeadO!


Scott: # 839-41P

Issued: 10.11.1970

Centenary of Afghan Stamps

#2 a Inside #839-41: Afghanistan Type A2 Tiger's HeadO!


Scott: #1089P

Issued: 18.6.1984

19th UPU Congress, Hamburg

#3 Inside #1089: Hamburg #3O! (in Black)


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