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This site presenting the wonderful world of "stamps on stamps".

The virtual collection, which is based on my private collection, includes (almost) all the stamps published on this amazing Topic.
The collection is arranged by countries, and can be viewed by clicking on "Countries List" in the menu. 

I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time to email me with new issues, scans, corrections, links, and suggestions. Your contributions are a constant source of inspiration in maintaining this website.

I would like to express my appreciation to Lou Guadagno for his extensive knowledge and efforts, as well as to the amazing friends from the SOSCC (Stamps On Stamps Collectors Club).

A heartfelt thank you goes out to those who have generously sending me stamps that are missing from my private (real) collection.

Your support is truly appreciated!



The Collection is classified by Countries List.



I started my stamps on stamps collection years ago when I tried to combine my grandfathers transportation on stamps and worldwide collections, my fathers space on stamps collection and my own fauna and flora collection into one. The stamps on stamps were the most interesting stamps of all and I decided to concentrate on this topic, not knowing how fascinating and popular it is. Starting to look for information regarding the stamps on stamps and the identification of the stamps inside them I got to know (and later joined) the STAMPS ON STAMPS COLLECTORS CLUB (SOSCC) and many other sources of information.


From SOSCC: The topic of stamps on stamps is one of the most diverse of all topicals. Ever since Sir Rowland Hill first advocated the use of prepaid pieces of paper to be adhered to letters to expedite their delivery, people have been fascinated by the postage stamp. It should come as no surprise, then, that the postage stamp is being used as a stamp motif, and that topical collecting of stamps on stamps is popular. The topic of stamps on stamps is an interesting one in that it covers many different areas and avenues while still being true to the stamp topic.


SO, this site is not a commercial site. Sorry, but Im not selling anything..It is a virtual collection of Stamps on stamps and of course the stamps inside them or the stamps they reproduced (regarding the Type A), most of the Type SY or Type U and few Type B (those I consider as stamps on stamps).

In addition you will be able to find here some stories and lots of links to interesting sites that I found.

I hope you will enjoy it.





Type A Stamp that contain (fully or partly) the original stamp (some times with modification).

Type SY / U - Stamp that contain an unidentifiable form of stamp: stamp on an envelope, symbol of stamp, etc.

Type B Stamp that contain something of the original design or that use the same design with modifications.

Type A

Type SY / U

Type B




Germany Scott: #1473

France Scott: #B400

Australia Scott: #229a



The catalogue numbers that i use are from Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue unless mentioned otherwise.

Other catalogues: Mi- Michel, SG - Stanley Gibbons, YT - Yvert et Tellier, MK Minkus and H&G - Higgins & Gage (postal stationery catalogue).

Dates of issued shown: DD.MM.YYYY (Day.Month.Year).

I marked stamps that i have and those i dont If you have an extra copy of them you willing to trade Please email me.



u Please help me keep this site updated.

u If you find any mistake or lack, please help me correct it.

u If you want to share some knowledge or think there is a good related link I should add - please email me.

u All contributions to these pages are welcome.

u The stamps displayed in this virtual collection are not all mine.
They are the best I had the chance to scan or to find in website I visited (mostly countries' postal agencies and some auction sites). If you have better scans of those stamps, which youre willing to add to this collection, please email them to me (any format is good).

u Some stamps arent to scale - in most cases this is their faultJ

u I did my best to ensure that Im not violate copyrights. Nevertheless, if someone find here a stamp he scanned and think Im in anyway violating his rights, so, first of all Im deeply sorry, dont forget this site is not a commercial one, and if it is still a problem - please e-mail me and I will remove it immediately.

u If you have any problems with these pages, please email me.

u I always looking for ways to make this website a better place to visit.  If you didn't find what you were looking for, or have a great idea to help me make this site better - please let me know!

u And finally my e-mail: Rammy Molcho


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