Tajikistan stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of Tajikistan

The Republic of Tajikistan, formerly known as the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, is a country in Central Asia. It has borders with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Tajikistan means the 'Land of the Tajiks'. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadjikistan)

Map of Tajikistan


Scott: #77P

Issued: 1.12.1995

Singapore '95

Inside #77: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #78P

Issued: 1.12.1995

Beijing '95

Inside #78: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #287O

Issued: 12.9.2006

15th Anniversary of the CIS

Inside #287 (On Label): Pseudo Stamp

Thanks to G.B.

tajikistan      ss

Scott: #???O

Issued: ??.01.2021

60th anniversary of the flight of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin

sos russia-ussr Sc # 2463 imperf-Mi 7423B  imperf  1961 Inside #??? (On Label): Russia #2463P (Sierra Leone, Guinea)

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

TAD2022W1180 TAD2022W1182

Scott: #???O

Issued: ??.11.2022

FIFA World Cup

TAD2017M761 Inside #???: Tajikistan #477O

TAD2017M762 Inside #???: Tajikistan #478O

tajikistan      sheetlet

Scott: #???O

Lou wrote: The Tajikistan SoS were printed in a sheetlet of eight stamps which are made up of two setenant blocks with the SoS in different positions, so your minimum for your sites/collection should be four stamps. Also, the 2017 SoS are reproduced as imperf, and since the sets were issued in sheetlets of five stamps and a label, perf'ed and imperf, the site/IDs should show the imperfs. Scott does not note the imperfs, but I'm sure Michel will have listed them.

sos tajikistan 478 imperf  2017  sos tajikistan 479  imperf  2017

Thanks to Zoltán Komlóssy

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Wish List

Tajikistan #92 for Guinea Bissau

chad ss 4v-2---sos tajikistan 94  1989

Tajikistan #94 for Chad, Guinea Bissau

Tajikistan #95 for Guinea Bissau

chad ss 1v-in margin sos tajikistan 97  1996

Tajikistan #97 for Chad

sos tajikistan 185a  2002 

Tajikistan #185a for Sierra Leone


Scott: #287

sos tajikistan 465d  2016

Tajikistan #465d for Guinee


Tajikistan #477


Tajikistan #478

tajikistan      ss

Scott: #??? (2021)

TAD2022W1180 TAD2022W1182

Scott: #??? (2022)