French Morocco stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

French Morocco was a colony of France established by the Treaty of Fez in what is now the country of Morocco in the Northwest coast of Africa. It existed from 1912, when a protectorate was formally established, until Moroccan independence (2 March 1956), and consisted generally of the area of Morocco between Fez and Rabat south to Mogador.

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Scott: #B42O

Issued: 1.5.1949

50th Anniversary, Mazan-Marrakesh Local Postage Stamp




Inside #B42: French Morocco Mazan-Marrakesh Local Postage Stamp (1899) (B)

Thanks to Lou Guadagno for the scans


Scott: #CB42P

Issued: 18.3.1952

30th Anniversary, First Moroccan Air Post Stamp

 Inside #CB42: French Morocco #C4O

Scott: #296O

Issued: 10.4.1954

Station of Rural Automobile - Stamp Day

Inside #296: Stamps on Envelopes


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French Morocco #C4

French Morocco #B42

French Morocco #296