United States-Guam stamps

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Flag of Guam

The Territory of Guam is an island in the Western Pacific Ocean and is an organized unincorporated territory of the United States. Its indigenous people are the Chamorros, who first inhabited the island approximately 6,000 years ago. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guam


Scott: #E1O

Issued: 0.0.1899

US #E5 Overprinted in Red "Guam"

Inside #E1: Stamp on Envelope

Scott: #??O

Issued: 08.04.1980

The 50th Anniversary of the inauguration of the Guam Guard Mail Service

 Inside #??: Guam Guard Mail M3

Guam Guard Mail

Until the 1930s, the USPOD office in Guam didn't deliver mail to addressee's home or businesses. To accomplish this, the military governor, Commander Willis Winter Bradley Jr., created a local post service on April 8, 1930.

Bordallo's Taxi was used to regularly carry the mail. The 15 miles run from Agana to Agat with stops in Asan, Piti, and Sumay, was made twice a day, six times a week. The arrangements with Bordallo originally was on a gratis basis, but as the amount of mail increased, he was paid $5.00 per month. The service was completely equipped with bags, mail boxes, canceling stamps, and signs with Bordallo's bus line as carriers for the mail.

On August 29, 1930 the Guam Guard Mail service was extended to the southern part of the island with stations at Merizo and Inarajan. This route also included Umatac. The route was by bus from Agana to Piti and then to Merizo via the semi-weekly boat service (this was necessary since a bridge had not been completed on the road to Merizo). Then from Merizo to Inarajan by Island Government truck.

Stamps were issued to mark the payment of this service. On April 8, 1930, two stamps of the Philippines were issued with the overprint in black GUAM / GUARD / MAIL: they are the 2 centavos green José Rizal" and 4 centavos red picturing president William McKinley. 2,000 of the 2-centavos and 3,000 of the 4-centavos were issued in sheets of 100.

On July 10, 1930, two stamps were issued depicting the Guam coat of arms. These 1-cent and 2-cents are bi-color black and red, perforated 11 and without gum. 1,000 of 1 cent and 4,000 of the 2 cent were issued is sheets of 25. These two stamps were printed locally on Guam since the first issue had run out and the new supply of stamps had not arrived from the Philippines.



Scott: #??O

Issued: 0.0.1981

Scott: #??O

Issued: 0.0.1981

 Inside #??: Guam Guard Mail M3

Lou wrote: The 1-2¢ stamps are re-issues of the original stamps (note 1930 in the margins); the 10-12¢ are new values in different colors for current "mails" (note 1980 in margins). I passed on this sheetlet when it came out as I considered the stamps to be Type B which I didn't collect, and I still do not have it in my collection or my checklists. If I did note it, I would list the 1-2¢ as modified re-issues, and the 10-12¢ as "Guam Guard Mail M3--Design Components: top inscription, Guam Seal only, in changed colors".

The other two Guam Guard Mail SoS were not issued together; the 10¢ green was issued on April 8, 1980 to note the 50th Anniversary of the inauguration of the Guam Guard Mail Service, and the 10¢ blue, on April 8, 1981, to note the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Service.

In my collection, I have a full pane of 20 stamps and an fdc of the 1980 issue, but only a single of the 1981 stamp. I would have loved to acquire the original stamps, but they are expensive and there are many counterfeit overprints too.

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

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