Reunion stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of Reunion

Reunion is an island in the Indian Ocean, Southern Africa (east of Madagascar). The Portuguese discovered the uninhabited island in 1513. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, French immigration, supplemented by influxes of Africans, Chinese, Malays, and Malabar Indians, gave the island its ethnic mix. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cost the island its importance as a stopover on the East Indies trade route.


Scott: #270-1O

Issued: 1949

Provisional Definitive

#1 Inside #270-1: France Type A1 (B)

In 1946, Reunion was declared an OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT of France, thus ceased to be a colony. The island is represented in France's parliament.

When France introduced a currency reform in 1959, the old currency was continued on Reunion as elsewhere in France's African possessions. French stamps used on Reunion were overprinted with a value in CFA (French African Francs); only in 1967 was the NEW FRANC currency introduced in Reunion.


Scott: #341O

Issued: 6.3.1961

Provisional Definitive

#146 Inside #341: France Type A20P (B)


Scott: #349O(OTW)

Issued: 8.2.1964

PHILATEC Publicity

#1054 Inside #349: France #1054P


Scott: #390O

Issued: 20.1.1974

ARPHILA '75 - Surcharge France #1390

Inside #390: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #B45O

Issued: 11.3.1974

Stamp Day, Surcharge France #B477

Inside #B45: Pseudo Stamp

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