New Zealand stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of New Zealand

1955 Stamp Centenary

Scott: #302-4P

Issued: 18.7.1955

Centenary of New Zealand Stamps

#1 Inside #303: New Zealand Type A1O (B)


Scott: #B101-2P

Issued: 2.8.1978

50th Health Stamp Issue

#B1 Inside #B101: New Zealand #B1O


Scott: #B102aP

Scott: #701-3P

(Scan of 703b)

Issued: 07.02.1980

125th Anniversary, New Zealand Stamps

#1 Inside #701: New Zealand #1O

#2 Inside #702: New Zealand #2O

#3 Inside #703: New Zealand #3O


Scott: #703aP

Scott: #703bO


Scott: #???O

Scott: #871P

Issued: 1.4.1987

Vesting Day

 Inside #871b: New Zealand #766P

I think that the two stamps are not similar.

Lou wrote: I agree the two “stamp” painting seem dissimilar, but I’m sure the designer was only putting rough suggestions of the #871b stamp on the enveloper, and not going for accurate reproduction.  I don’t think he expected anyone to try and identify the stamps— why would anyone be that crazy?

And I say - probably me J

[The 100th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, type AKW][The 100th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, type AKX]

Scott: #887-8P

Issued: 13.1.1988

Centennial, Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand

#61 Inside #887: New Zealand #61P

#62 Inside #888: New Zealand #62P


Scott: #888aO


Scott: #889P

Issued: 13.1.1988

Centenary of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand

#9 Inside #889 (In Margin): New Zealand #9O

Scott: #889aO

Issued: 30.7.1988

SYDPEX '88 Overprint on #889

Issued during the Bi-centennial Philatelic Exhibition in Sydney, Australia.

Unlisted sheet overprinted in red - issued to raise funds for a charity

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Two unlisted Cent. of Royal Phil. Soc. of NZ S/s #889 with O/P ‘Royal 100’ & the other ‘Royal 105’

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert

New Zealand 1990 Cinderella sheet mint

Celebrates 150 years of New Zealand and the world’s first postage stamp

Christchurch (N.Z.) Philatelic SocietyO

#1 LJ Inside #???: G.B. #1 [D-K]

#192 Inside #???: New Zealand #192P

new zealand       non-postal ss n. z. 1990 exhibition philatelic firsts 1 penny black

Non-postal ss

World Stamps Exhibition New Zealand 1990

sos gt britain 1 corner block  1840

Inside #???: G.B. #1 – Corner Block

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

4 non-postal blks. of 4v each featuring Antarctic Explorers & Explorations issued to fund the NZ 1990 Stamp Exhibition

The second stamp in the first block shows #121a while the Stamp World London logo appears in the margin of the fourth block

new zealand 121a  1908 shackleton  expedition king edward VII land Inside #B145: New Zealand #121aO

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert

new zealand non-postal ss n. z. 1990 exhibition philatelic firsts 2new zealand       non-postal ss n. z. 1990 exhibition philatelic firsts 3

2 more non-postal blks. of 4v each issued to fund the NZ 1990 Stamp Exhibition


Thanks to Lou Guadagno


Scott: #1161aO

Issued: 14.8.1993

Taipei '93

Inside #1161a (in margin): Pseudo Stamp

[Postal Service - People Reaching People, type AYD]

Scott: #1226P

Issued: 20.7.1994

People Reaching People

Inside #1226: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #B145-8P

Issued: 20.7.1994

75th Anniversary Children's' Health Camps

#B15 Inside #B145: New Zealand #B15O

#B34 Inside #B146: New Zealand #B34P

#B79 Inside #B147: New Zealand #B79O

#B4 Inside #B148: New Zealand #B4O

[Health Stamps - 75th Anniversary of the Children's Health Camps, type ]

Scott: #B148aO


Scott: #930dO

Issued: 3.2.1995

POST'X '95

#186 Inside #935d (In Margin): New Zealand #186P

[Postal Service - People Reaching People, type BBN]

Scott: #1311P

Issued: 02.10.1995

People Reaching People

Inside #1311: Pseudo Stamp

The New Zealand Teddy Error

In 1996, New Zealand Post produced a stamp issue in relation to Children's Health. The issue was supposed to be a standard surcharged issue, with a denomination of 40c and a surcharge of 5c. The issue was focused on the safety of children, and the stamps, designed by Helen Casey, and printed by the Dutch security printer Enschede, shows a child in a child restraint, and a teddy bear accompanying it, wearing a seat belt.

From the stamp it is clear that the child and the Teddy bear are sitting in the back seat, and are facing the driving direction. This is in violation of the laws of New Zealand, where children must be facing the opposite direction in a car, as a security measure. This resulted in a last minute withdrawal of the original stamp, and the stamp was then redesigned, so the Teddy bear was no longer part of the stamp. All the copies of the original stamps were recalled by the New Zealand Post, and the error was not supposed to be publicized. The stamp was also printed as self-adhesive coil stamps in New Zealand, and a small number of these stamps were distributed and sold over the counter in Rotorua and Auckland before it was recalled. It is believed that about 1000 of these incorrect stamps were sold.

The Health sheetlets were printed by the Dutch security printer Johan Enschede and they also had printed sheetlets with CAPEX overprint, which were meant for the CAPEX exhibition in Canada. It was believed that all the sheetlets with the erroneous stamps were destroyed after they arrived in New Zealand and both sheetlets were printed and issued without Teddy Bear on the stamps. However, about one year later one set of these sheetlets, which contained the recalled stamps, showed up at an auction in Amsterdam. An investigation, on behalf of the NZ post, revealed that the Dutch security printer Enschede had unknowingly taken out a few copies of the original sheetlets, and included them in Christmas presents for the employees of the company. It is not known how many of these sheetlets survived Christmas, but they surely became one of the rarest New Zealand philatelic items: the withdrawn self-adhesive stamp is valued now at about 1.600 Euro, the "non-issued" sheetlets however are valued at 12.000 Euro each in the latest Michel catalogue.



Lou wrote to me when i sent him the above: Why do you think it is a SoS?  Do you consider it a Type B?  To me, it is just a revised design of a recalled stamp. The designers of most Type Bs purposely took components of a previously issued stamp and reworked it into another design for a specific reason such as an anniversary, but in this case, the stamp was reworked to show the child in a correct seating, and not a "new" issue.

With so many real SoS being issued, why look for them where they don't exist.


Lou is probably rights (as always…) but i decided to put it here anyway – it is a good story, isn't it?

[The 100th Anniversary of the Great Barrier Island Pigeon Post, type BHI][The 100th Anniversary of the Great Barrier Island Pigeon Post, type BHI1]

Scott: #1435-6P

Issued: 7.5.1997

100th Anniversary of Pigeongrams

 Inside #1435-6: 1899 Local StampO (B)

Great Barrier Pigeon-Gram Service

Pigeons carried correspondence between Great Barrier Island and the New Zealand mainland for about a decade in the early 20th century.

Pigeongrams, or 'flimsies' as they were called, were used by the Great Barrier and Marotiri Island pigeon post service around the turn of the nineteenth century. This example was printed for a special function at which the Earl of Ranfurly was present to raise funds for a War Veteran's Home. Prior to this message, only one copy is recorded with this cancellation, and that is in the usual purple ink, unlike the black used here.

Isolation - Before the pigeon post service was established, the only regular connection between the community on Great Barrier Island (90 kilometres northeast of Auckland) and the mainland was provided by a weekly coastal steamer. The island's isolation was highlighted when the ship Wairarapa was wrecked off its coast in 1894, with the loss of 121 lives, and the news took several days to reach the mainland.

Pigeon postal service - The pigeon post service began between the island and Auckland in 1897. Soon there were two rival pigeongram companies, both of which issued distinctive and attractive stamps. These were effectively the world's earliest airmail stamps, pre-dating the first recorded aeroplane flight by several years.
Initially, the service operated only from Great Barrier Island to Auckland, the reverse route being considered uneconomic. On the island, pigeongram agencies were established at Port Fitzroy, Okupu, and Whangaparara. Birds were sent over to the island on the weekly steamer and flew back to Auckland with up to five messages per bird written on tissue paper and attached to their legs.

Scott: #1436aP

Issued: 7.5.1997

Pacific '97


Scott: #1436bO

Issued: 13.11.1997

Aupex '97

1998 1898 Pictorials Centenary

Scott: #1508O, #1509O, #1510O, #1511O,

 #1512O, #1513P, #1514O, #1515O,

#1516P, #1517P,

 #1518P, #1519P, #1520O,


Issued: 20.5.1998

100th Anniversary of New Zealand Pictorial Stamps




#1508: New Zealand #70O (B)

#1509: New Zealand #71P (B)

#1510: New Zealand #72O (B)




#1511: New Zealand #75O (B)

#1512: New Zealand #76O (B)

#1513: New Zealand #78O (B)




#1514: New Zealand #79O (B)

#1515: New Zealand #81O (B)

#1516: New Zealand #73O (B)




#1517: New Zealand #74P(B)

#1518: New Zealand #77O (B)

#1519: New Zealand #80O (B)




#1520: New Zealand #82O (B)

#1521: New Zealand #83O (B)



Scott: #1517aO

Issued: 7.8.1998

Tarapex '98


Inside #1517a: New Zealand #73O & #74P


Scott: #1520aO

Issued: 23.10.1998

Italia '98


Inside #1520a: New Zealand #74P & #82O

Scott: #1579P, #1580P, #1581O, #1582O, #1583O, #1584P

Issued: 1.1.2000


[The 100th Anniversary of New Zealand's 1st Postage Stamps, type FI] Inside #1583: New Zealand #302P 

[Health Stamps, type FH][Health Stamps, type FH1] 

Inside #1583: New Zealand #B44-5 (partials on cover) P

[Mail Delivery Through 100 Years, type ]

Scott: #1695aP

Issued: 1.1.2001

Centenary, Universal Penny Postage

sos new zealand 99  1901 Inside #1695a: New Zealand #99P

(design component: frame and inscriptions only-partial)


Scott: #1695kO

Issued: 9.6.2001

Belgica 2001 Exhibition

new zealand 1721d

Scott: #1721dO

Issued: 06.06.2001

Greetings stamps

 Inside #1721d: Picture frame with a 40c unissued stamp

new zealand 1721a-e x 2 sheetlet

Scott: #1721a-eO

new zealand fdc


Lou wrote: Here is another SoS issue that I missed the first time around, and only found while surfing the web while under "Covid-19 lockdown". I haven't seen anyone else come up with it, so....

New Zealand, on June 6, 2001 issued a sheetlet of 5 90c Greetings stamps in two vertical formats with attached labels or to-be personalized tabs.

On #1721d is a picture frame with a 40c stamp on stamp with the identical design. Since the issue has 40c stamps, it is probable that the reproduced stamp is an essay of an unadopted value. The 90c sheetlet and strips are available separately, while the FDC has both 40c and 90c strips.

Thanks to Lou Guadagno



Scott: #2003P, #2004P, #2005P, #2006P, #2007P

Issued: 2.3.2005

150 Years of New Zealand Stamps 1855 - 1905

#1 Inside #2003: New Zealand #1O

1855 Full Face Queen - A consignment of New Zealand's first-ever stamps, the 'London Prints' of the 'Full Face Queens', was sent to New Zealand from England and entered circulation on 20 July 1855. In keeping with British tradition, they featured a portrait of a youthful Queen Victoria.

#P1 Inside #2004: New Zealand #P1O

1873 Newspaper - By 1873, the Government had begun printing the country's stamps through the 'Stamp Printing Branch', part of the Government Printing Office. The halfpenny 'Newspaper' stamp of that year was the first featuring the Queen's portrait side-on, produced specifically to cover the fee for newspaper deliveries.

#OY5 Inside #2005: New Zealand #OY5O

1891 Government Life - In 1891, a difference of opinion over franking charges between the Government Life Insurance Department and the Post Office led to New Zealand's longest-lasting 'unofficial' stamps, and one of the first examples of postal advertising. The Government Life stamps - distinctive for their lighthouse image - were valid only for that Department's postal transactions.

Learn more at:

New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps -  N. Z. Government Life Insurance

#83 Inside #2006: New Zealand #83O

1898 Pictorial (Mount Cook) - A notice in the New Zealand Gazette on 20 March 1895, announcing a competition for a new stamp design, attracted entries from some 2,400 designers. The winning collection - New Zealand's first pictorial stamp issue, included a number of our scenic landmarks as well as a Maori war canoe, a kea and a kaka.

sos new zealand 99  1901 Inside #2007: New Zealand #99P

1901 Universal Postage - The arrival in 1901 of 'universal penny postage' (for domestic and international mail) heralded a new age of letter writing. Halving the previous two-penny postal rate galvanised New Zealanders to write letters, and they rapidly became the preferred method of communication.

Learn more at:

2005 NZ - 150th Anniv of New Zealand Stamps (1st) M/S MNH - Click Image to Close

Scott: #2007aP

sos new zealand 131  1909 Inside #2007a (In margin): New Zealand #131P


Scott: #2012aP

Issued: 6.4.2005

150 Years of New Zealand Stamps 1905 – 1955


Scott: #2008P

#123 Inside #2008: New Zealand #123O

1906 One Penny The New Zealand Exhibition (claret) - Printed originally in this colour for The New Zealand International Exhibition of Arts and Industries in Christchurch, this issue was subsequently reprinted in vermilion. Just one sheet of these original One Penny Clarets were accidentally made available at the Exhibition. Stamps from that sheet are now highly sought after by collectors.


Scott: #2009P

#B3 Inside #2009: New Zealand #B3O

1931 One Penny Health (Red Boy) - New Zealand health stamps were first issued in 1929, however it was this issue two years later that came to symbolise the country's health stamp issues worldwide. Despite the beautiful designs, this stamp and its accompanying Two Pence Blue sold considerably less than the earlier, or indeed later, issues - probably because of the effects of the Depression.


Scott: #2010O


#C7 Inside #2010: New Zealand #C7O

1935 Threepence Airmail - Airmail came into its own in New Zealand in the 1930s. This set, the second issued by New Zealand, features the 'Faith in Australia'piloted by Lieutenant Ulm landing at Bell Block Aerodrome in New Plymouth on 12 April 1934 after completing the first official air mail flight between Australia and New Zealand.


Scott: #2011O

[Peace Issue, type DY] Inside #2011: New Zealand #256P

1946 Ninepence Peace - Southern Alps from Chapel Window - This beautiful stamp, part of a set released to celebrate the onset of peace, is striking for its wonderful viewpoint, looking out from the window of the Waiho Gorge chapel to the Southern Alps and the splendour of the Franz Joseph Glacier.


Scott: #2012O

#301 Inside #2012: New Zealand #301O

1954 Ten Shilling Queen Elizabeth II - With the passing of King George VI, New Zealand issued a new definitive issue to commemorate the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. The stamp was the highest value of the four issued for the occasion. In fact, this was New Zealand's first ever stamp of this value to be issued just for postage.

sos new zealand B27  1937 Inside #2012a (In margin): New Zealand #B27O

sos new zealand 84  1900 Inside #2012a (In margin): New Zealand #84P

sos new zealand  291  1954 Inside #2012a (In margin): New Zealand #291P


Set of two self-adhesive stamps (#2008-9)

Scott: #2014aO


Scott: #2012bP

Issued: 21.4.2005

Pacific Explorer 2005 Exhibition

sos new zealand 99  1901 Inside #2012b: New Zealand #99P

#123 Inside #2012b: New Zealand #123O


Scott: #2017-21P

Issued: 1.6.2005

150 Years of New Zealand Stamps 1955 - 2005

[The 50th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landing, type OW] Inside #2017: New Zealand #369P

1965 50th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landing - The first stamps to commemorate the bravery and fortitude of the Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli were released in 1936. Twenty-two years later, the Returned Services Association suggested the 50th anniversary of the landings be recognised with a special stamp issue. Two stamps were released, with the 5d's red poppy commemorating the ANZACs' later service and sacrifices in France and Belgium.

#918 Inside #2018: New Zealand #918P

1988 Round Kiwi - The story of the kiwi and its journey to becoming an internationally recognised symbol of New Zealand dates back to the late 19th century, when the South Canterbury Battalion and the Hastings Rifle Volunteers began featuring it on their badges. In 1988 it was the obvious - and perhaps the only acceptable - image for the first round stamp ever issued by New Zealand Post.

[New Zealand Heritage - Famous New Zealanders, type AOW] Inside #2019: New Zealand #989P

1990 The Achievers (Katherine Sheppard) - Kate Sheppard was one of six New Zealanders recognised in the 1990 'The Achievers' stamp issue. This courageous woman was the leader and inspiration behind the late-19th-century suffragette movement, whose determined efforts resulted in New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to give women the right to vote - introducing universal suffrage in 1893.

#1219 Inside #2020: New Zealand #1219P

1994 Maori Myths (Maui) - Of all the Maori myths, the story of Maui fishing up New Zealand is one of the most well known. While fishing at a secret spot, Maui hooked a giant creature on his line, and with the help of his brothers hauled it to the surface - thus 'landing' the North Island (Te Ika A Maui - the fish of Maui). According to legend, the Island's mountains and valleys are blows the brothers landed on the creature to subdue it.

 Inside #2021: New Zealand #1878O

2003 100 Years of New Zealand Test Rugby - New Zealand's philatelic heritage would not be complete without a tribute to our world-famous sporting heroes - the indomitable All Blacks. Since the first official 'test' between New Zealand and Australia in 1903, the team has come to represent everything great about this small country - our independence, our innovation and our willingness to tackle challenges many others may think impossible.

new zealand 2020a

Scott: #2020aP

Issued: 17.11.2005

National Stamp Show


Scott: #2021aP


Scott: #2143dO

Issued: 31.8.2007

Huttpex Exhibition

%2375 Inside #2143d (In Margin): New Zealand #75O


Scott: #2222O

Issued: 7.11.2008

TARAPEX Exhibition

#198 Inside #2222: On background New Zealand type A71 (Pic of #198P)

Mount Egmont/Taranaki: This isolated volcanic mountain has a beautiful symmetric cone and reaches 2518 meters. Egmont was named in 1770 by explorer James Cook as he sailed past but the Maori name Taranaki

(Barren Mountain) was given equal and official status in 1986.

Thanks to G.B.


Scott: #2224bO

Issued: 01.04.2009

China 2009

Inside #2224b: Pseudo Stamps (logo)

Thanks to G.B.


Scott: #B193-4P, #B196P

Issued: 7.9.2009

80th Anniversary of Children’s Health stamps

New Zealand Post has been a proud supporter of Children’s Health Camps since 1929. Every year, we’ve issued a range of stamps, with each stamp carrying a surcharge that is then donated to the Health Camps to help them in their work. In 2009 we celebrate the 80th anniversary of Children’s Health stamps with three new designs that each tell a story using an image of a stamp from the past.

#B151 Inside #B193: New Zealand #B151O

50c + 10c surcharge – gummed

The 1996 Children’s Health issue took a new direction, aligning its message with a campaign entitled ‘Children’s Health – Road Safety’. The issue proved controversial, with feedback on the design (and particularly on the use of a child restraint seat) leading to a new design and a complete reprint. Unfortunately, a small quantity of the incorrectly designed stamps found its way into the market.

Inside #B193 (In margin):



New Zealand #B81P

New Zealand type SP12O








New Zealand #B58P

New Zealand #B25P

#B5 Inside #B194: New Zealand #B5O

$1.00 + 10c surcharge – gummed

The 1932 ‘Hygiea’ stamp was the first to be issued with the surcharge inscribed for ‘Health’ rather than ‘Charity’ – although the image of the Goddess of Health attracted more attention, generating considerable controversy in the philatelic journals of the day. The first two sheets to come off the printing press were presented to the Governor-General of New Zealand, Lord Bledisloe, when he paid an official visit to the Children’s Health Camp in Otaki.

Inside #B194 (In margin):




New Zealand #B63P

New Zealand #B57P

(Thanks to Lou)

New Zealand #B80P





New Zealand #B116aP


New Zealand #B73P




New Zealand #B108P

New Zealand #B28P

New Zealand #B185O

(Thanks to Lou)

#B23 Inside #B196: New Zealand #B23P

50c + 10c surcharge – self-adhesive

In 1943, New Zealand’s first triangular stamps were issued – an immensely popular innovation that led to long queues at Post Offices throughout the country on the day they were issued. The triangular stamp for our 80th anniversary celebration features Her Majesty Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth II. It was one of two stamps issued in 1943, the other depicting Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret.

Inside #B196 (In margin):








New Zealand type SP3O


New Zealand #B7O

New Zealand #B11P




New Zealand Type SP30P



New Zealand


New Zealand type SP3O


Thanks to Prof. Plinio Richelmi

Scott: #B195O

Suggested Identification by Lou Guadagno


Scott: #2304dO

Issued: 30.04.2010

London 2010

#MR1 Inside #2304d (in margin): New Zealand #MR 1O

War tax stamps issued in 1915

Thanks to Lou Guadagno


Scott: #2332P, #2333O, #2334O, #2335O, #2336O

Issued: 20.10.2010

50th Anniversary of New Zealand Christmas Stamps

#353 1960 Inside #2332: New Zealand #353P

Stamps based on classical paintings have been popular throughout the years. The very first Christmas stamp depicted Rembrandt’s painting ‘The Adoration of the Shepherds’. Painted in 1646, it’s an intimate scene in which the shepherds kneel before the crib of baby Jesus.

#465 1970 Inside #2333: New Zealand #465P

In the past 50 years, New Zealand Christmas stamps have showcased various stained glass windows from New Zealand churches. The window from the First Presbyterian Church in Invercargill featured on the 1970 Christmas stamp, and now appears on the $1.20 stamp.

#692 1979 Inside #2334: New Zealand #692P

Christmas in New Zealand has been a prevalent theme, and the 1979 Christmas stamp featured a Pohutukawa tree in bloom along the Thames-Coromandel coast. With its brilliant display of red flowers in the summer, it is often referred to as the New Zealand Christmas tree.

#790 1983 Inside #2335: New Zealand #790P

Modern interpretations of the traditional Christmas story have regularly recurred in our Christmas stamp issues. The Southern Cross and the Star of Bethlehem were depicted on the 1983 Christmas stamp and are the focus of this year’s $2.40 stamp.

#1672 2000 Inside #2336: New Zealand #1672P

Continuing the traditional Christmas theme, the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus were beautifully illustrated on the 2000 Christmas stamp, and nowappear on the $2.90 stamp.

2010b1 2010b2

Scott: #2339P, #2340O

Thanks to Lou Guadagno, Prof. Plinio Richelmi and Martin Hirschbühl

Scott: #2574-9O

Issued: 23.03.2015

Spirit of ANZAC 2015

sos egypt 46  1906 Inside #2575: Egypt #47P

Scott: #2579dO

Scott: #2583eO

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Prof. Plinio Richelmi

Scott: #????O

Issued: 02.08.2023

150th Anniversary of the First Stamp Printed In New Zealand

 Inside #2575: New Zealand #P1O

Lou wrote: On January 1, 1873 the rate for newspaper mail delivery in New Zealand was lowered to ½d, and a special newspaper stamp was issued to pay this fee.

The stamp was designed by the Government Printer, John Davies, based on the current 1870 Gt Britain newspaper stamp. A woodblock die was carved in Melbourne, Australia, and W.H. Kirk Co. in Wellington made the electrotypes from it for the printing plates. This was the first stamp to be produced from design thru printing in New Zealand.

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

[Best of 2022, Scrivi ELW]


[Best of 2022, Scrivi ELX]


[Best of 2022, Scrivi ELY]

Scott: #????-?

Issued: 00.00.2023

Best of 2022

Inside - stamps from New Zealand sheets of 2022

[Historic Ships of the 19th Century, Scrivi ] [The 100th Anniversary of the Poppy Appeal, Scrivi ] [Eid Mubarak, Scrivi ] 

[Women in Science, Scrivi ]  [The 20th Anniversary of the "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers", Scrivi ] [Christmas, Scrivi ] 

[The Maori New Year - The Legend of Matariki, Scrivi ] [The 100th Anniversary of Te Kura, Scrivi ]  [IHC Art Award, Scrivi ]

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New Zealand #MR 1 (War tax stamps issued in 1915)


New Zealand #113b! for Aden


New Zealand #123


New Zealand #B79


New Zealand #B151


New Zealand: #???


New Zealand #888a

[Health Stamps - 75th Anniversary of the Children's Health Camps, type ]

New Zealand #B148a

New Zealand #930d


New Zealand #B185

sos new zealand 1162  1993 

New Zealand #1162 for Sierra Leone

ss4v d-- sos new zealand 1183 1993

New Zealand #1183 for Uganda

sos new zealand 1184 1993

New Zealand #1184 for Hong Kong

New Zealand #1192 for Hong Kong

sos new zealand 1374  1996

New Zealand #1374 for Chad


New Zealand #1436b

ss4v a--sos new zealand 1698

New Zealand #1698 for Uganda

new zealand 1721d

New Zealand #1721d

New Zealand #1878


New Zealand #2222


New Zealand #2304d


New Zealand #2333-6

2010b1 2010b2

New Zealand #2339-40

New Zealand #2574-9

New Zealand #2579d

New Zealand #2583e