Lundy stamps

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Lundy is an island in the Bristol Channel of Great Britain, administered as part of Torridge district of the English county of Devon. It lies about a third of the way from the coast of Devon to that of South Wales. It is about 4.5 km long from north to south by 1 km wide, and is the largest island in the Bristol Channel.

Map of Lundy with inset maps of British Isles and Bristol Channel

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Scott: #JA241-4O

Issued: 02.06.1978

Anniversary of Coronation - Lundy Coronation overprint stamps of 1953

 Inside #JA241: Lundy #JA104O

 Inside #JA242: Lundy #JA102O

 Inside #JA243: Lundy #JA103O

 Inside #JA242: Lundy #JA105O

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Scott: #JA250-4O

Issued: 04.05.1979

50th Anniversary, Stamps of Lundy

#1-2 Inside #JA251: Lundy #JA1O

 Inside #JA251: Lundy #JA188O

#JA188 issued first in 1974, was in use in 1979, and also serves as the stamp value.

Thanks to Lou Guadagno


Scott: #JA346-9O

Issued: 1.11.2004

75th Anniversary, Stamps of Lundy

#1-2 Inside #347: Lundy #1O

#2 Inside #348: Lundy #2O

The first two Lundy stamps were issued on 1st of November 1929 in the local "currency" ½ puffin pink and 1 puffin blue. They are valid for use between the Island and the Mainland.

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