Germany-Berlin stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of Germany

West Berlin under the jurisdiction of the three western powers started to release its own stamps on September 3, 1948. It continued to emit stamps under the Deutsche Bundespost Berlin label for 42 years, a total of over 800 different stamps, until the reunification in 1990. Many Berlin stamps were similar to the stamps of West Germany. West German and Berlin stamps could be used in either jurisdiction.

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Scott: #9NB6-7O

Issued: 7.10.1951

Stamp Day, Berlin

Inside #9NB6-7: Stamp Collecting

Scott: #9N276-9O

Issued: 21.7.1969

20th Congress of the Post Office Trade Union Federation

Inside #9N276: Stamp on Envelope

Scott: #9N334O

Issued: 20.10.1972

Stamp Day - Stamp Printing

 Inside #9N334: Germany - Berlin #9NB68

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Scott: #9NB283O

Issued: 27.09.1990

Post and Telecommunications

Inside #9NB283: Stamps on Envelope

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